Runblade™ is currently in prototype stage.

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Runblade™ defines smart advertising as a omnipresent, continuously adaptive advertising platform with touchpoints across all major technologies.
Rather than focus on specific localities (physical items), Runblade™ focuses on functional domains, called "playspaces".

What is Smart Advertising?

Runblade™ is a new advertising concept for 2020 through 2035 targeting the new ecosystem inherent to the Internet Of Things (IoT) and 5G Internet Everywhere. There are two major paradigms addressed by Runblade™ — smart device hyperconnectivity and new forms of customer engagement.

For simplicity let's call Runblade™ "Smart Advertising".

In the 1990s there was below-the-line and above-the-line sales, marketing and advertising. In the 2000s the explosion of Internet-connected PCs led to the emergence of "digital marketing" and the 2010s saw the dominance of the smartphone. In the 2020s IoT and 5G will bring all these previous paradigm shifts into a ubiquitous, connected, always-on, world-scale data environment.